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Part-time Job, 1,000 Baht/day in Ramkhamhaeng

Located near Big C, The Mall, and Ramkhamhaeng University, I have been busy making my website online, and I would like to find a nice girl age 20 - 35, to be my assistant for two months while I am in Bangkok. It's a pretty easy job for the right girl.

1. Stretching and exercise in the morning, sitting on the floor a lot. I used to do gymnastics, therefore you must be in good shape. If you can touch your toes, and do 10 sit-ups, you'll be fine.

2. Practice speaking Thai, and learning to read Thai.

3. One hour of massage every day, so you can't be too shy. We'll study Japanese massage (Shiatsu).

4. Sitting with me while I am working on the internet, and writing short articles in English.

5. Going out to buy food, or do shopping. Making a delicious fruit-plate.

Salary: 1,000 Baht per day
Dress: Casual
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
Language: English and Thai

Contact: Mr Bobby
Mobile: 087-123-3737

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