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Part-time Job in Ramkhamhaeng

I live in Ramkhamhaeng, near Big C, and I would like to hire a polite, quiet girl สุภาพ, age 20 - 35 to help me as my assistant. It's a pretty easy job for the right girl. This is a part-time job, so you can work several days a week, if you'd like to. Your duties will include:

1. Stretching and exercise เล่นโยคะ. Every morning, we'll sit against the wall, with our backs straight, and practice various easy stretches, like you might find in gymnastics or yoga. Then, leg lifts, a tummy workout, and sit-ups. I also like teaching self-defense, and Tai Chi. If you can touch your toes, and do 10 sit-ups, you'll be fine.

2. Sitting with me on the internet, learning about e-commerce website development. You don't have to learn programming, just have an interest in doing business online.

3. Giving massage each day. Just a normal massage on back, arms, and legs. We'll be practicing finding the correct pressure points, rather than the rubbing type of massage.

4. Going shopping, buying food ซื้อของ, and eating noodles. Preparing a fruit plate daily, and washing vegetables.

5. Practice Thai conversation, vocabulary, and reading. If you can speak any other languages besides Thai and English, please let me know, as I enjoy learning new languages.

Hours : from 9:00 - 16:00, with a 45 minute break for lunch.
Location : Ramkhamhaeng, near Big C and the Mall Ram.

Contact : Mr Bobby 087-123-3737
Email :
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