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Part Time Job - 1,000 Baht/Day

Hi, I'm Bobby, working in Bangkok ทำงาน ในกรุงเทพฯ สอง เดือน for a few months, and now looking for a woman, age 25 - 40, to be my assistant. It's a pretty easy job for the right girl, someone who likes reading books and is a kind, honest person. There are several main duties:

1) Discuss my writing a book about a young man from Boston, USA, who is a singer in a band. He meets a girl from China who is studying at his university, and they fall in love. However, he gets into trouble, and she moves away. Finally, after he's becoming famous in LA, they meet again by chance.

2) Teach me Thai vocabulary and conversation. ฉัน พูด ภาษาไทย น้อย ได้ ครับ. I'd also like to learn to read in Thai better.

3) Give one-hour massage ให้นวด every day. I know there are many spas in Bangkok, but I like a gentle massage and also can teach you. I'm from San Francisco, California, and I like to hug a lot, so you can't be shy though.

4) Stretching and exercise in the mornings. If you can touch your toes and can do 20 sit-ups, you'll be fine.

5) Sitting with me on the internet, while I'm developing an e-Commerce website. You must be interested, but you won't have to make the website because I'm a programmer. The hard part is to sit still for an hour or two daily, so I need to find a quiet person.

You'll practice English conversation, as my website is about education and online advertising. If you can do the '5 tasks' above, please send me your resume and a photo, to arrange an interview.

Contact: Bobby 087-123-3737

Location: Ramkhamhaeng University Area, near Big C.
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00, with 45 minutes free lunch.